Helpful Information

NEW Location

4000 N Central Avenue, Suite 2300

Phoenix, AZ 85012

When a business meeting is held at an alternate location, the location will be noted in the calendar listing below. All business meetings held by the Board are deemed Public Meetings in accordance with applicable law.

Helpful Information About Attending A Hearing

The Board conducts its business in a professional environment. Therefore, the Chairperson asks that you present yourself in a respectful and courteous manner. Turn off all cellphones prior to entering the Board hearing room.

The Board asks that members of the public dress appropriately. Any item of clothing that displays offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, gang-related, obscene language and/or graphics will not be permitted in the Boardroom. You might want to consider dressing as though you were attending a job interview or professional business meeting. However, suits and ties are not required, for example.

Sensitive information and material is openly discussed by the board, especially in matters where sexual or violent crimes are at issue; it may be inappropriate for young children to be present. It is important to remove children from the Boardroom if they are unable to remain quiet, as the hearing is being recorded on sensitive audio equipment.

Speakers are advised to prepare in advance and should base any claims on factual evidence.  Use your time wisely. If there is a large group attending, it’s advisable that speakers coordinate their presentations so that speakers do not repeat the same information multiple times. The Panel Chairperson may limit speaker time as well as ask to limit number of speakers.

If you are speaking on behalf of a Phase II Commutation of Sentence, it is advisable that you obtain a copy of the inmate’s application, a presentence investigation report, or other relevant documents to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the information the applicant has provided to the Board as it relates to the specific facts of a case. You should be aware of the inmate’s reasoning for the commutation request, his/her prison record, as well as the full extent and nature of their crime.

The Board does not schedule specific times for hearings and they vary widely in length depending upon the amount of documentation being discussed and/or the number of speakers at a Phase II hearing. Some hearing types can take priority over others in the day’s schedule. Please be prepared to wait. You can wait inside the Board hearing room while observing hearings or listen to hearings in the lobby waiting room while consuming a beverage or visiting with other persons. However, the security officer will ask you to keep noise at a minimum in the lobby waiting room in order to avoid disturbing the conduct of hearings inside the Board hearing room.

If you, as a member of the public, have documents that you wish the Board members to review, please provide at least 2 working days prior to the scheduled hearing date. Please do not provide documentation during the hearing.

Inmates should submit all documentation they wish the Board to review on their case at least one (1) week prior to the scheduled hearing. The address for mailing documents is:

Arizona Board of Executive Clemency

4000 N Central Avenue, Suite 2300

Phoenix, AZ 85012

All documents should include the name of the offender/inmate and ADC number that is relating to the matter.

The Board does not have provision to review documents other than those written in English.

Illegal Substances And Paraphernalia

The following items are not permitted inside the Board Room or the Board's Administrative Offices except as provided by law.

  • Firearms
  • Knife, cutting tool or instrument.
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Explosive devices
  • Ammunition
  • Brass knuckles, sap, club, nightstick, baton etc.
  • MACE or similar chemical agent
  • Any other item determined to pose a threat to the general public or Board personnel.

Any person found to possess any the above noted items will be denied entry into 4000 N Central Ave, Suite 2300 location until those items are removed from their person and secured at a different location. Department of Public Safety officers will be contacted if illegal contraband is discovered.

Boardroom Conduct

Visitors shall be denied entry to the board's business office and/or visitation area, if the person:

  • Is found to possess any contraband as listed under Prohibited Items
  • Fails to provide identification upon request
  • Uses abusive language and or engages in actions or conduct which disrupts the safety, security and the orderly hearing processes conducted by the Board