Victim Information

If you would like to register as a victim or update your address, please contact the Board at (602) 542-5656. 

The Board of Executive Clemency's Victim Notification program provides registered victims, their supporters and advocates information on inmates and parolees throughout the hearing process.  In Arizona, victims are entitled to be notified prior to release consideration hearings (parole, absolute discharge and commutation of sentence). If registered, the Board is mandated to provide at least 15 day notification prior to the scheduled hearing date.  The Board welcomes victim input.  Victims may participate telephonically or attend in person and/or provide a written statement expressing their opinion. 

The Board understands that this may be a difficult time and if needed can provide referral to the Arizona Department of Corrections Rehabilitation and Reentry's Office of Victim Services (ADCRR OVS).  ADCRR's OVS can provide an advocate to assist you during the process.

If attending in person, we ask that you notify staff upon arrival and we will ensure the you are escorted to a designated waiting area.   If you have questions or if we may be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Board's Victim Notification Coordinator, Raysha Jackson at [email protected] or call 602-542-5656.   

Please note a victim is defined as a person against whom the criminal offense has been committed, including a minor, or if the person is killed or incapacitated, the person's spouse, parent, child, grandparent or sibling, any other person related to the person by consanguinity or affinity to the second degree or any other lawful representative of the person, except if the person or the person's spouse, parent, child, grandparent, sibling, other person related to the person by consanguinity or affinity to the second degree or other lawful representative is in custody for an offense or is the accused.

For more information

Board's Policy and Procedure #115 - Victim Rights